Coronation Street have teased a potential double death - as Joel Deering's next victims are 'revealed'.

Joel Deering - played by Calum Lill - tragically attacked and potentially murdered Lauren Bolton. The shock revelation came out just a couple of weeks ago that Joel was behind Lauren's disappearance and potential death.

However, spoilers for next week have teased more trouble ahead. Joel tells Dee-Dee he's gutted about keeping their engagement from his parents, but it looks like his mind could be on something else entirely.

Vile Joel spots Sabrina looking distressed outside the police station and soon finds out that her brother has been arrested. He asks her to contact him any time she needs and hands her his business card.

Sabrina is joined by her friend, and Joel is thrilled to realise he has a new target. Could both these young women be at risk, and will they face the same fate as Lauren? Have Corrie just revealed his next victims?

Speaking about what's to come for his character, Calum warned Joel is in the best position to get away with his crimes.

"I think he's trying to work out how many loose ends there could be and how to deal with them. Obviously as a defence solicitor he knows how to play the game and knows that there is reasonable doubt and that he needs to cancel out anything that could be tied down to him. But you know, this is new territory for him," he explained.

"He might have been in a situation before where he's broken the law and not treated people very nicely. But this is new and I think he feels real concern. He has to make it stick on Nathan so no one ever suspects it could be Joel."

However, Calum has also opened up about Joel's downfall - and what could finally see him caught. He said: "I mean, the longer he hides the more chance there is of him making a mistake. He’s been good so far in that he's been engaging in this behaviour as long as we have seen him, and Lauren was attacked in February. And no one's seen him.

"No one's caught him out until now but they don’t actually know they have caught him out. But I think the longer it goes on for, the more chance he’s got of slipping up and I think he knows that. You can see that in him getting more and more anxious that the slightest thing could bring his world crumbling down around him."

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