Rob Gomez revealed that he’s “doing everything [he] could” to have a chance to see Amelia, his daughter with former beauty queen Shaila Rebortera, which includes trying to obtain visitation rights.

Gomez said in an interview that he is trying to obtain visitation rights to see his daughter and he hasn’t been in touch with her for six months, as seen on the TikTok video of entertainment journalist MJ Marfori.

“December pa ‘yung last [naming pagkikita],” he said when asked about his daughter. “I’m doing everything legally. I hope my daughter will see this one day. I’m doing everything I can. All of my off days are spent working on getting to see her.”

The actor also shared that he and Rebortera “have no contact” to this day, while claiming that no one from either side wants to get between them.

“Because [the mom of our child] and I have no contact. Walang may gustong mag-stay (No one wants to get) in the middle of us,” he said.

When asked how the legal process is coming along, Gomez said the process is “very slow” while noting that he exhausted all reasonable efforts to see his daughter.

“Mabagal, sobrang bagal. Parang sa kanila, okay lang ang oras na nawawala pero sa’kin, hindi. Ako lang ang nakakaramdam ng mabagal na oras,” he said. “As in lahat ng resources, lahat ng pwede kong mapagtanungan, mapaghingan ng tulong.”

(It’s slow, very slow. For them, it’s okay for time to pass. But for me, it’s not. I’m the only one who feels that time is very short. As in all the resources, any person I could ask for help, I’m trying.)

Despite this, Gomez is hopeful that he will see his daughter at the right time.

“One day, I’ll see my daughter again… It’s a long life but I want her now. She’s a year and six months now. I stalk my [ex] and look for photos of her,” he said.

Rebortera, named Miss Multinational Philippines 2021 and Miss Millennial Philippines 2018, made her daughter with Gomez public in August 2023. She also accused the actor of physically abusing her.

Gomez also made headlines in December 2023 after his texts with “Magandang Dilag” co-stars Herlene Budol and Bianca Manalo were leaked on social media. Also in the same month, he shared photos of Amelia’s baptismal ceremony.

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