Emmerdale could be lining up a shock death next week on the ITV soap, as villain Tom King may get his comeuppance.

Belle Dingle's abusive husband lashes out and ends up electrocuting himself, with him left lifeless on the floor. Just as Belle finds the courage to flee him and the village, secretly packing her bags, disaster strikes and Tom ends up seriously injured.

As he finds out the truth about Belle's abortion, he cannot contain his rage and begins throwing an iron bar around a barn. But as he continues to lash out he ends up facing grave peril, but will he be found in time?

It comes as Belle seeks help from her Mental Health Care Coordinator following recent events, and she's advised to leave the village and get some space from Tom. She decides to join her niece Debbie Dingle in Scotland, just as Tom is on the warpath over her abortion lie.

Belle will soon tell Tom she's suffered a miscarriage, when she's in fact had a termination. Viewers know that Tom has been abusing his wife for months, coercively controlling her and manipulating her before turning violent.

Belle fell pregnant and didn't want to go through with the pregnancy, but Tom was pushing her to have the baby while isolating her further. After speaking with her Mental Health Care Coordinator Rachel about this, she fears that Rachel is starting to realise the extent of Tom’s controlling behaviour.

She is desperate for her to leave but Rachel reassures Belle, and the reality of Tom’s abuse finally hits home. Belle ends up deciding to flee the village and Tom, planning a trip to see Debbie.

With her bags packed and her ready to flee, she is unaware that Tom has uncovered that she has been lying to him. When he realises Belle took a trip to the abortion clinic, he begins to attack his surroundings with an iron bar.

But as he prepares to deal one final swing, the metal bar smashes against the barn’s rotary isolator behind him, and Tom is electrocuted. He's thrown against a beam and he falls to the ground, left lifeless on the floor - but is this the end of Tom?

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