Cate Blanchett's son Dashiell appears to be ready to follow his mother into show business.

But instead of a career in the limelight as a performer, the 22-year-old has plans to go behind the camera as a filmmaker.

The oldest son of the Oscar winner and her husband Andrew Upton, Dashiell John Upton recently scored a role on the crew of the Ryan Gosling action film The Fall Guy.

Dashiell got the prized gig on the film in 2022 soon after completing film school reported Yahoo Lifestyle on Tuesday.

According to the publication Dashiell, who shortens his name to Dash, worked for five-months on the blockbuster in the camera department as an assistant.

His duties on the big budget U.S. production, which was shot in Sydney, included filming behind the scenes material and taking photos of the actors.  

However, Dash appears to prefer to keep his family name out of the media in order to stay away from the limelight.

'Dash never really told anybody who his mother was,' a friend of the budding filmmaker explained to the publication.

'As far as everyone else on set knew he was just a recent graduate that was lucky to land themselves on a [Ryan] Gosling shoot. 

'He didn’t want people to think he was there just because of who his mum is.'

Cate, 55, and her husband Andrew Upton welcomed Dash, their first child, in December 2001 after the couple tied the knot in 1997.

Tall and blond like his famous mother, Dash made a rare public appearance with Cate at the Cannes Film Festival in May. 

Dash has two younger brothers, Roman Robert, 20 and Ignatius Martin, 16 and a sister Edith Vivian Patricia, aged nine. 

In 2022 Cate made the surprising claim that her children are totally 'disinterested' in her fame.

The Lord of the Rings actress added that her kids were also indifferent about her work, which also includes movies The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Ocean's 8, 'in the best possible, healthiest way.'

She told the New York Post's Page Six column: 'They have no idea, no idea.

'I told them, 'Oh I’m going to New York for 36 hours. I’ll be back on Wednesday…’ 

'One of them is getting an award at school, and they went, "Oh, OK, have a good time".'

Cate was privately educated at a Melbourne girls' school and has gone on to become a global celebrity and Hollywood star with a net worth of $95million.

Born and raised in Sydney, Cate is based in the UK and has lived in East Sussex with her playwright husband Andrew Upton and their four kids since 2015.

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