Lisa Armstrong has celebrated her beloved dog Hurley's 11th birthday as she took to Instagram with a sweet post on Monday. 

The makeup artist shared the pet Labrador with ex Ant McPartlin and has vowed to fight for full custody of the dog. 

Showing her love for the pooch, she shared a series of snaps of Hurley over the years, from as a puppy to now. 

She wrote: 'My Baby Boy is 11!!!… Happy Birthday Hurley you absolute beauty.'

Ant and Lisa adopted Hurley in 2013 following struggles to have a child of their own. However the pair split in 2018 after 18 years of marriage. 

The presenter went on to marry his former personal assistant, Anne-Marie Corbett, in 2021 and last month the pair welcomed their first child together, son Wilder Patrick McPartlin.

Lisa shares joint custody of Hurley with Ant but reports say she wants sole possession of him - something he is said to have resisted.

But she has reportedly vowed to fight on for sole custody of the chocolate Labrador, who regularly features in her Instagram posts, where she refers to him as 'Mama's baby boy'.

Ant is said to have refused to surrender full custody of Hurley to his ex during their reported £31million divorce battle, reportedly telling lawyers: 'She can have anything she wants – except the dog.' 

Lisa was said to have expressed a wish to care for the Lab full-time in February - and friends close to the make-up artist say that desire is stronger than ever following the birth of Ant's first-born.

'She felt very betrayed by both Ant and Anne-Marie and felt that none of this has been handled sensitively, especially the announcement of the baby,' sources have told The Sun.

'The one thing that has got her through it and been by her side constantly is Hurley – she doesn't know what she would do without him. He's more than just a dog to her and has been a lifeline at times.'

They added: 'Ant obviously loves Hurley as well but he now has a lot of other responsibilities and things going on in his life and Lisa can't see why she can't have full custody of him. She needs Hurley by her side.'

The former couple reportedly agreed to take it in turns to look after Hurley, with the arrangement seeing Ant's chauffeur ferrying the dog between them so they did not have to see each other.

As well as welcoming his son last month, Ant also unveiled his new tattoo which is a tribute to his family. 

Holding the newborn, Ant revealed a family tree tattoo on his upper arm, however fan accused him of 'snubbing' fog Hurley whose name didn't seem to be on the design. 

Ant addressed fans' concerns as he wrote: 'Hey all, I just wanted to say thank You so much for the kind messages of love and well wishes for our baby Wilder. He’s doing great. 

'Glad you loved the tattoo as well. For all you dog lovers who asked why my beloved Hurley wasn’t on the family tree..he was!! He was just covered by our newborn. All my love, gratitude and heartfelt thanks A.'

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