Annie Kilner will continue to support her husband Kyle Walker at his upcoming England matches as she refuses to let Lauryn Goodman 'dictate her or her children's movements'. 

The mother-of-four, 33, was seen landing back in Manchester after attending the first England match against Serbia in Germany on Sunday evening. 

Her appearance came after Lauryn was seen playing football with her children, who she shares with Kyle, as she dressed them in their dad's number 2 shirt to mark Father's Day. 

The influencer, 33, became embroiled in a paternity scandal earlier this year when it emerged that Kyle had fathered her ten-month-old daughter whilst being married to Annie.

And now a friend of Annie has told the MailOnline that the WAG wasn't surprised by the photos but will not let Lauryn affect her or her family. 

They explained: 'Annie flew out to Germany to support Kyle and the team and will continue to do so. 

'England matches are at the forefront of the country's mind and Annie and the boys stand behind the boys and want as little distraction off the pitch as possible so as to give the boy the best chance of bringing home the trophy.

'She has and well never let Lauryn will not dictate her and her children's movements and wasn't surprised to see these new pictures - which she predicted would happen a couple of months ago, she thinks these new set up pap pics, on the day of the first match and, coincidentally, fathers day are a sad attempt at staying relevant. 

'The fact innocent children are being used in the public spat is saddening.'

They added: 'She doesn't pay much attention to the noise around her and her husband's marriage and is working privately with Kyle to navigate the office pitch issues. 

'Being in the public eye is something they understand due to Kyle's role in football so she just gets on with it, always with her children at the forefront of her mind.'

Annie shares sons Rezon, two months, Roman, 11, Riaan, seven, and Reign, five, with Kyle, and the family all appeared at the match on Sunday.

Speaking about the importance of her family, the friend continued: 'Annie will only ever put her children first, her and Kyle absolutely agree that they are the priority with everything that has gone on between them.

'Bringing them to matches is something they've been a part of their whole lives and nothing will change that.

'Kyle remains locked down at England camp and geared up in doing his absolute best to help the team bring home the trophy. He's a hugely valued member of the squad and proud of his role as Vice Captain.'

A Spokesperson for Kyle and Annie said: 'Kyle is purely focused on bringing home the trophy for the millions of fans watching at home and in the stadium. He will not be distracted by any off pitch activity.' 

Annie has apparently vowed 'not to play happy families' with her husband in Germany, while he plays for the England squad in the tournament.

The mother of four has instead opted for £35,000 return flights on a private plane, to jet in for each game rather than staying in the country for the duration.

Annie's flight was pictured landing back home on Monday, as she stuck to her word and only stayed in the country long enough to watch the game with their four sons. 

Relations between the couple are said to be at an 'all time low' with the couple barely speaking. In an effort to to reconcile their differences the Manchester City and England footballer temporarily returned to live in the family home in Cheshire.

Before the tournament kicked off, Kyle was back in a £20,000 per month mansion he rented nearby when their marriage initially hit the rocks earlier this year. 

On Sunday, Annie was spotted sitting in the stands with Kyle, 34, after the Three Lions' 1-0 victory against Serbia during their first game tournament so far.

One of Annie and Kyle's kids wore a No. 2 shirt - Kyle's number - with 'Dad' in place of the defender's name.

Meanwhile Lauryn enjoyed a game of football with her son Kairo, four, and daughter, known only by her initials K.W, at a park in Sussex. 

Annie previously decided not to fly as part of the official WAGs group to the Euros because she does not want to put on a pretence, MailOnline revealed.

She instead planned to hire a private jet and fly in and out for each of England's games in Germany with the children she shares with Kyle.

The jet will cost Annie around £35,000 for each return journey and she is also planning to take a friend with her to help deal with the youngsters.

A source told the Mail: 'Things have got really bad between Annie and Kyle, and she is only going to the Euros for the sake of the children. If there weren't kids involved, she wouldn't be going at all.

'She doesn't want to be part of the WAGs group because she doesn't feel she's in a proper relationship with Kyle and doesn't want to maintain any pretence that she is. She's told him how she feels and isn't prepared to be in Germany playing happy families with him.'

The source added: 'It doesn't seem right to Annie that she should stay in the WAGs hotel because she doesn't feel like an official WAG. The arrangements are being made and she's more comfortable with travelling independently to Germany for each of the games.'

The Football Association usually make all the travel arrangements for WAGs during major tournaments and also provide accommodation for them in an official hotel. Family time is also scheduled so that players get to spend time with their partners and children.

Annie will sit with the WAGS inside the stadium for games but then make her own way home immediately after the match.

Her decision to travel to Germany was also influenced after Walker's ex-lover Lauryn raised the prospect of attending the tournament with their two children.

Instagram influencer Lauryn is the mother to Walker's son Kairo, four, and daughter, who is known to family and friends as KW and is ten months old.

Annie only discovered last December, when she was pregnant with her and Kyle's fourth child, that he had also fathered a second child with Lauryn, leading to a breakdown in their marriage.

The source said: 'Annie doesn't want Lauryn to have one up on her and is livid that she intends to go to Germany. She feels that it's really out of order and is just going there to cause more trouble.

'Her marriage to Kyle might not be in a good state but she's determined to stand her ground and ensure that Lauryn does not get all the publicity during the Euros. If she (Lauryn) is going to be there, then so is Annie.'

The source added: 'It's as bad as it's ever been, and I fear for the future of their marriage. Kyle isn't in the family home anymore and is out most of the time doing his own thing.

'Even when he won the Premier League, Annie and the kids attended the final match, but they didn't speak at all. She didn't even congratulate him and barely smiled, even when he took the children onto the pitch to celebrate.'

The couple also went on a holiday with their four children to Wales recently to celebrate Kyle's 34th birthday but that has done little to repair their marriage.

According to reports, Kyle promised the son he shares with Lauryn tickets for England's Euro games, which he later denied.

Lauryn had vowed to be in Germany when he plays, telling friends she was 'determined my children will get to see their daddy playing'.

She also claimed to friends that Kyle had told her: 'I want you there, and I want Kairo to see me play.'

One friend said: 'She won't let Kairo down. She told friends Kyle wanted her to take the children to the Euros when they were still close, before Annie found out they had a daughter.

'Kairo has been excited. Lauryn is a good mum. She won't let her son be disappointed.'

If Lauryn does travel to Germany, she is unlikely to be sitting with the WAGs group inside the stadium with England football officials indicating that they will block her from joining them 'by any means necessary' amid fears her attendance could throw the highly rated defender off his game.

A spokesperson for Annie and Kyle said: 'Annie will be at the Euros supporting Kyle and the whole team, as she and the children always have. 

'There are currently no plans in place for travel or accommodation, but she will prioritise the well-being of her young family to ensure a smooth experience.

'Comments about her and Kyle's marriage are purely speculative. The couple respectfully requests privacy as they continue to navigate their personal matters, always keeping their children at the forefront of their minds.'

Lauryn had a brief fling with Kyle in 2019 before they had a son the following year called Kairo. He was conceived while Kyle was temporarily split from Annie, then his long term girlfriend.

In November 2021, Annie and Kyle, who first started dating at school, were back together and got married.

But in October 2022 he slept with Lauryn again, while in London seeking treatment for a groin strain. She had her second child - a daughter - in the summer of 2023.

In an original interview revealing the name of her second child's dad, Lauryn said she was the one who wanted everything to be public.

'I didn't want them [Kyle and Annie] to split up or cause harm, but it had to be out in the open for all of our sakes,' she said then, explaining that she had Facetimed with Annie in December last year and shown her their daughter's DNA test.

Lauryn claimed she and Kyle had been in a long relationship and Kyle had been leading a double life, playing the two women off against each other.

Kyle's response, in an interview with The Sun on Sunday , was to call Annie his soul mate and desperately ask her to forgive him. He spoke sorrowfully of 'idiot choices and idiot decisions'.

He also claimed that he had only slept with Lauryn twice with both infidelities resulting in a baby. He said: 'There was no relationship. That is something Lauryn could never say.

'We've never been out for food, we've never been to the cinema. To have a relationship with someone... would she even know how many sugars I have in my coffee, if I have sugars? She couldn't tell you.'

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