Kris Jenner has had fans speculating about her hands for a while, and her latest outing keeps them wondering.

The momager was out and about in Paris ahead of the city's iconic fashion week. She was spotted on Sunday having dinner at Costes with her loved ones and long-term partner, Corey Gamble.

Kris donned a black trench coat with a black outfit underneath. She wore a black choker necklace with a big flower attached to it and held a black clutch bag, her phone, and brown glasses in her hand.

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Kris' hands were noticeably swollen, especially in one photo where she held her purse. The 68-year-old is known to hide her hands with gloves or by putting them in her pockets, trying to keep them out of sight as much as possible.

Fans have long speculated about why Kris tends to hide her hands. Some believe it might be because she's trying to maintain a youthful look.

"It's hard to cheat your age with arms and neck. Her neck is often blurred in the new season," one fan wrote on social media.

Another fan suggested Kris didn't like her arms or hands, writing on Reddit: "She's said before that she's insecure about her arms so she keeps them covered."

In 2016, rumours started that Kris was undergoing surgery to conceal her aging hands. At the time, surgeons thought she could be getting fillers that cause her hands to swell.

"It looks like Kris Jenner had plastic rejuvenation on her hands. It's called Radiesse and it is a filler injected into her hands to make them appear more youthful. The swelling should go down in a few days," Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. John Knight told Radar Online.

At the time, a rep for the reality star told Gossip Cop that she had an operation to repair a bone spur on her middle finger and cysts on her hand. "Kris could be retaining water from a recent surgery or because she went off certain types of medications," Doctor Anthony Youn said, who has never treated Kris before.

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